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    The design looks good, and the production on the ground is all troubled

    • 1、Design can not be implemented
    • 2、There is a big gap between the effect picture and the real object
    • 3、The production process materials do not match the intended effect
    • 4、Proofing details are not in place
    • 5、Breaking the gap between design and production time
    • 6、Coordinate design and production communication
    • 7、Difficulty in communication and coordination between the design company and the factory
    • 8、Party A frequently looks at the end of the game
    • 9、File modification and docking
    • 10、Source files are lost after production
    Packaging bag design_packing gift box design_shenzhen packaging design company

    Do packaging design, free physical proofing
    Please leave your troubles to us, professional people do professional things
    Concentrate the advantages of both parties to create a perfect product

    Boxpan one-stop service from planning, design, proofing to production
    High efficiency, zero risk, high quality, time saving, worry and effort

    Boxside Proofing R&D Center

    The box-side proofing R&D center is based on design, with the purpose of product landing, as the key center point from drawings to real objects
    To ensure the smooth production of large products, the R&D center team composed of designers and structural engineers can be more professional and accurate
    Realize the cost control of finished product production more efficiently and shorten the production cycle, while ensuring the quality of finished products.
    • 1

      Confirm the final design

      After the final confirmation of the design manuscript, start the proofing stage to analyze the manuscript details and implementability
    • 2

      Research implementation plan

      Designers and structural engineers study sample implementation plans based on the final product standard
    • 3

      Prepare materials

      Prepare all required materials in accordance with the final bulk goods standard
    • 4

      Proceed to sample making

      Use various materials and process methods to make samples and classify grades
    • 5

      Sample analysis revision

      After the sample is initially formed, the multi-dimensional analysis and revision are carried out, and if there is a problem, the sample will be re-proofed
    • 6

      Small batch production

      After the first sample is debugged, small batch production will be carried out, and product trial assembly will be carried out
    • 7

      Unit price & period

      After the sample is made, the unit price and production cycle of the finished product of different materials and processes are determined
    • 8

      Sample review

      We will deliver the samples to you as soon as possible and tell you everything you want to know

    Good design needs good factory

    Professionals and advanced production equipment, Hepan's self-built factory is Hepan Design Department
    Strong backing, allowing designers to fully display their creativity in the space to perfectly implement the design

    Provide packaging services for European and American luxury brands all year round, with complete qualifications

    Now has a factory and supporting facilities with advanced fully automatic production equipment,
    The daily production is more than 1 million, which is far ahead in the same industry.
    Provide customers with one-stop packaging services for planning, design and production!


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