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    Every good brand has a classic bottle symbol

    To create a unique bottle shape, choose the box side

    Locate first, find selling points, and then design

    Unplanned product design cannot stand the test of the market

    The effectiveness of the bottle shape design "type" and "shen" type"

    A good bottle must not only increase the user experience in terms of function, but also improve the quality of the product.
    The super recognition of the form is even more deeply remembered by consumers.
    When Boxpan receives a bottle type + packaging project, it must first consider bottle type design, and systematically consider the expression of brand and product benefits
    1. Brand and product analysis 2. Competitive product analysis
    3. Bottle structure and experience design 4. Material process design
    5. Bottle shape renderings and packaging visual design

    Get an attractive bottle shape with half the effort Every creative bottle is modified repeatedly by the designer,
    It must be a reliable protection product, but it must also be economical and of high quality.

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